Anglachel – The Special Sword From The Sky

Key Point: Anglachel, also known as Gurthang, is a fictional sword in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion.” Forged by the Dark Elf Eöl from a meteorite, it plays a tragic role in the life of Túrin Turambar, initially wielded by his friend Beleg and later by Túrin himself in various fateful events.

What about its historys in the Tolkien story?

History Of Anglachel Or Gurthang

The sword was forged by Eöl, the Dark Elf, using a meteorite. Eöl gave the sword to King Thingol of Doriath in exchange for the right to dwell in the forest of Nan Elmoth. Thingol later gave the sword to Beleg Cúthalion, a close friend of Túrin Turambar.

Beleg wielded Anglachel in his efforts to rescue Túrin from captivity, but tragically, Túrin, unaware of Beleg’s identity, accidentally killed him with his own sword. Beleg forgave Túrin with his dying breath and requested him to take the sword.

Túrin later wielded Anglachel in his quests and battles. The sword gained a kind of sentience and was able to speak. It played a pivotal role in Túrin’s tragic fate, including being used to slay the dragon Glaurung. Ultimately, Túrin used Gurthang to take his own life after learning the truth about his unwitting incestuous relationship with his sister Niënor.

The history of Anglachel is intertwined with the tragic narrative of Túrin Turambar as depicted in “The Silmarillion,” showcasing the sword’s dark legacy and its role in the unfolding tragedies of the characters involved.

Meaning Behind The Name Anglachel

Anglachel is a Sindarin Elvish name, and its etymology is as follows:

  • Ang: This element means “Iron” in Sindarin.
  • lach: This part is derived from the Elvish root lakh or laeg, meaning “sharp” or “swift.”

So, the name Anglachel can be interpreted as “Iron of the Flaming Star” or “Iron of the Sky,” reflecting its origin from a meteorite. The name emphasizes both the material from which the sword is made (iron) and its celestial origin (fallen from the sky). The sword is also known by another name, Gurthang, which means “Iron of Death” in Sindarin, reflecting the tragic destiny associated with the sword in the stories of “The Silmarillion.”

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