Spear – The Original Polearm

From humble beginnings to battlefield dominance, explore the history and significance of the spear – the first polearm. Learn more

The Javelin Guide

Delve into the fascinating world of javelins with our comprehensive guide. Learn about their history, construction, and various uses in different cultures. Learn more

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How Powerful Was The Halberd?

Unleash the power of the halberd! Discover this versatile medieval weapon that could cut, thrust, hook, and trip. Learn its history and tactics. Learn more

Uncover The Billhook

Explore the Billhook: A versatile farming tool-turned-weapon used in medieval times. Learn more

The Unique Voulge

Voulge: A fearsome polearm used against cavalry popularized in Hundred Years’ War. Learn more

The Glaive

Unleash the power of the glaive: a deadly polearm used by warriors. Discover the history, tactics, and materials behind this formidable weapon. Learn more

The Unsuall Bec de Corbin

Discover the history of the Bec du Corbin, a deadly polearm favored by medieval knights and foot soldiers alike. Learn how it was used in battle Learn more

What Is The Fauchard?

A polearm that saw widespread use during the Middle Ages. Find out how it evolved and what made it such a deadly weapon in combat. Learn more

The Bohemian Earspoon

Aan unusual named but effective polearm used by Eastern European soldiers. Learn about its unique design and battlefield applications. Learn more

Complete Guide To The Ranseur

Take a deep dive into the Ranseur, a versatile polearm that was popular in the 15th and 16th centuries. Explore its history and combat tactics. Learn more

What Is The Guisarme Polearm?

From medieval Europe to ancient China, the Guisarme has seen use in various cultures. Uncover the origins and fighting techniques of this polearm. Learn more

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Uncover the history of the Septum, a lesser-known but deadly polearm used in medieval Europe. Learn about its design, use in battle, and more. Learn more

Lochaber Axe

Explore the history and combat applications of the Lochaber axe, a powerful and versatile polearm favored by Scottish warriors for centuries. Learn more

Winged Spear 

Discover the Winged Spear, a unique polearm with a blade resembling a bird’s wings. Learn about its evolution, tactics, and cultural significance. Learn more

The Japanese Naginata

The Naginata: a polearm used by female warriors in feudal Japan. Learn about its history, techniques, and how it empowered women in combat. Learn more

The Yari Spear

Discover the history and design of the Yari spear, the traditional Japanese polearm that served as a versatile weapon on the battlefield. Learn more

Brandistock Polearm

Learn about the Brandistock, a lethal polearm used by the infantry for repelling cavalry charges. Learn more

The Spontoon, What Was It?

Explore the history and unique features of the Spontoon, a polearm with a surprising range of uses in battle. Learn more

The Bardiche Weapon

Discover the power and effectiveness of the Bardiche, a polearm favored by infantry soldiers in medieval and early modern warfare. Learn more

The Corseque

Discover the forgotten weapon of medieval infantry – the corseque! Learn about its history, battle tactics, and why it vanished from the battlefield. Learn more

What Is The Ahlspiess?

Discover the history of the ahlspiess, a deadly polearm favored by medieval knights for its superior penetrating power and versatility. Learn more

Discover The Atgeir

Learn about the atgeir, a Viking-age polearm renowned for its combination of a spearhead and a blade, making it a versatile weapon on the battlefield. Learn more

The Lucerne Hammer

This article describes the powefully effective Lucerne Hammer. Learn how it was used with devestating effect on the battlefield, right here

The Russian Sovnya 

Discover the polearm used on the Russian steps. Explore how the Russian soldiers used the sovnya to fight their enemies, right here

The Brutal Mancatcher

Learn about the truly bizarre weapon from a dark period of human history. The mancatcher. Uncover why and hwo it was used, right here